Peter da Silva

Managing Director

For 16 years, Peter da Silva has worked in communications and public relations in London. Since his independent, boutique agency launched in 2010, Peter has carved out a career representing award-winning hotels around the world. 

In addition, he has developed unique relationships with journalists who write for all the leading newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs. He also works closely with television companies to further promote hotels.

Before setting up the agency, Peter was Group Communications Director for a major hotel group and prior to that worked for a Soho lifestyle PR agency. With experience of both working in-house and running his own agency, he has literally sat on both sides of the table!

It has enabled him to respond to an ever-changing, fast-paced media landscape. Keeping premium brands relevant is paramount – and although print is still a hugely influential medium, online coverage is also key. Today, continuous communication is vital both in terms of raising a profile and delivering traffic and sales in a world where we are engaged 24/7. This includes everything from making sure your hotel is included in the leading round-ups of national newspapers to ensuring a glowing review or story about your hotel, is the first thing that comes up on an online search. 

Client Testimonials:

“With relentless enthusiasm, Peter da Silva has found innovative and successful ways of guaranteeing high quality coverage in the UK print and online press for Palais Amani, Fez, Morocco. His ability to organise media visits and to ensure that the coverage actually happens makes him a very positive part of our marketing plan. Peter has definitely put our hotel on the map”

Jemima Mann-Baha, Owner, Palais Amani Hotel Morocco

"Peter da Silva has represented both our hotels in Copenhagen successfully for almost three years to the UK media. He has sent us many journalists to write reviews and features on the Andersen and Absalon hotels and on short breaks in Copenhagen. He has also hosted press trips. Both hotels have appeared across the UK media in leading newspapers, magazines and on websites. The online articles also help attract guests from around the world and remain online for many years. Peter has also secured media coverage for us in a selection of in-flight magazines for airlines that serve Copenhagen. During the campaign we have worked with Peter on also promoting selected partners / friends here in Copenhagen including restaurants and museums and he has secured media coverage for them also. Furthermore, Peter has liaised with the Danish tourist board both here in Copenhagen and London, again promoting both hotels. We have welcomed many journalists over the years and we have been happy with the variety and styles of articles" 

Karen Nedergaard, Owner, Absalon Hotel Group Denmark

“Peter is a joy to work with. He takes care to understand your business, and shows a genuine enthusiasm for what you do. He also knows his journalists well, and then always matches the journalists to the story. He is a font of ideas, with a great gift for finding the perfect hook to hang a story on. His efforts have resulted in so many wonderful articles in a whole variety of publications. Our peers are always asking how we get such coverage; I must admit I am loathe to share my secret weapon!”

Joan Reen, Former Owner, Ynyshir Hall Hotel Wales

"Travailler avec Peter da Silva Communications est vrai bonheur. Peter a une connaissance parfaite de la presse anglaise et un réseau performant. Il a su définir une stratégie permettant de faire connaître notre petit paradis au travers de nombreuses publications significatives et qualitatives. Il a par ailleurs toutes les qualités nécessaires au bon fonctionnement opérationnel : rigueur, réactivité, justesse, créativité, reporting, etc. Enfin, il a également de nombreuses qualités humaines qui, au-delà de son efficacité, permettent une collaboration dynamique et plaisante. Il est définitivement celui qui a permis au Jardin des Douars de se faire connaître sur le marché anglais."

Grégoire Aubron, Partner & Manager, Le Jardin des Douars Hôtel Morocco

“Peter da Silva offers a cutting edge results driven PR service which consistently delivers. The campaign has been tailored to my companies needs and the revenue more than doubled within a 12 month period. I would recommend Peter da Silva's PR services to any company however large or small”

Stephen Cole, Founder, FitFarms England

“Peter da Silva worked a treat for our project in 2012, we needed a nimble PR company able to react to the Pop Up nature of our project. Peter understood our concept immediately and was able to offer positive suggestions to how we got our message out and brought a whole host of prominent people to view our community driven street-food market who otherwise would have no idea about what we were all about. The Red Market Project in 2011 was a shambles. I was brought in to make the 2012 offering family friendly, food led, slick and feasible as a yearly project. I got Peter da Silva in as I knew he could deliver and he did not disappoint. Despite our launch being in the middle of the Olympics we were delighted with the activity Peter da Silva generated and he was always available, always supportive and a very positive aspect of the project as I reflect back upon our success.”

Liam O’Hare, Director, Red Market Pop Up London

Journalist Testimonials:

“Peter da Silva stands head and shoulders above the vast majority of PRs with whom I work. Not only is he a pleasure to know and to do business with, he has a hugely impressive collection of carefully picked hotels on his books, each one of which has been a joy to discover. He has great integrity, is extremely creative in his thinking and always has a clever angle at his fingertips. He understands his clients far better than most PRs and he instinctively knows which journalists to match with them, and how best. He is kind, professional, prompt and goes the extra mile. A beacon of his profession.”

Fiona Duncan, Hotel Critic, Daily Telegraph Newspaper

“Whether it’s bringing alive the medieval spice markets of Fes, introducing us to the morna music of Cape Verde, or finding the perfect country house hotel in Wales, I know Peter da Silva always has a great travel story for journalists”

Liz Hoggard, Freelance Journalist, Evening Standard Newspaper, Daily Mail Newspaper,

“We have worked with Peter da Silva on so many travel and food stories and they are always a joy to do because he is so full of enthusiasm and energy and knows exactly the sort of thing we are after to lift the page and give a bright new angle. He is so dedicated to his clients and is totally reliable. More than anything with Peter da Silva we know we are getting suggestions for reviews and feature articles which are going to be a perfect fit for our readers. If Peter suggests Llangoed Hall in Wales might be a good idea for a piece on a romantic weekend break, you can bet it is the most PERFECT place for a romantic weekend you can dream of. If he suggests our wildlife-loving readers might like to hear about Ynyshir Hall, where Springwatch is filmed on the surrounding bird reserve, and where Queen Victoria planted many of the exotic trees as a child, we absolutely KNOW that many of our 6 and a half million readers will be cutting out the piece on Ynyshir and booking a visit. As a PR he has that unique shorthand with my team and me and it is extremely exciting to work with him.”

Heather McGlone, Editor, Daily Mail Newspaper – Weekend Magazine

"It's always a pleasure working with Peter da Silva, whether I'm looking for a fresh angle on a well-known place, or a topical approach to industry developments. Peter's unceasingly helpful, efficient and skilled at tailoring pitches and information to fit the journalist/platform. Having worked with him on features covering a wide range of destinations, budgets and markets, his creativity in searching out the most interesting aspects of each client means that his story angles are always really insightful, topical and relevant to the online audience." 

Lydia Manch, Managing Director, Londonist Ltd. 

“Peter da Silva is a pleasure to work with. A total pro, who knows how to target a good story. He knows his material inside out and always delivers what he promises. He has imaginative ideas and never wastes my time.”

Emma Tucker, Deputy Editor, The Times Newspaper

“Peter is one of the most creative, dedicated and enthusiastic PR’s I’ve met. He continuously comes up with interesting and innovative ways of approaching stories and his commitment and drive are unrivalled”

Sophie van Brugen, Presenter, BBC

“When it comes to passion, commitment and professionalism, Peter da Silva possesses these qualities in spades. Whether he’s promoting hotels, restaurants, products or people, his enthusiasm and knowledge cannot be faulted. 
I have had the great pleasure of working with Peter for the past 12 years and would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone. As a journalist and editor, I cannot stress how important it is to find such an efficient and dedicated PR as Peter, he makes it his business to deliver the goods.”

Sandrae Lawrence, Editor, The Cocktail Lovers Magazine

“Peter da Silva was impressive, straight from the first email we exchanged. He is super organised and efficient, making scheduling press trips and visits easy. For a freelance travel writer, with limited time and resources, this is invaluable. There are few PRs I deal with regularly, but I trust Peter’s opinion implicitly. He has a superb pick of boutique hotels on his books and brings a genuine passion for his clients and this shines through all communications, in writing and in person. If Peter asks me to go on a press trip, I’ll be there, because he carefully selects interesting journalists and introduces hotels and destinations with useful, story-worthy angles. And he thoroughly looks after you, too. Peter da Silva is – without a doubt – one of the travel industry’s most creative and talented PRs.”

Isobel Diamond, Freelance Journalist, Guardian Newspaper, Conde Nast Traveller, Suitcase, Emirates


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