PR Tips

Easy Ways to Enhance a Hotel PR Campaign

Social Media Calendar

With a list of posts and images ready to upload and planned in advance, this can be planned on a monthly basis. Hotels know when they have special events, low occupancy for promotions, seasonal events that many people book in advance etc. Planning say a month or further ahead saves time and once planned all content can be merged with all other marketing efforts so the same messages are going out at the same time.

Video Content

Various videos showcasing major aspects of the hotel will always sell the hotel in a different, controlled and positive light. With an ever-engaged online world, we are constantly looking for additional material to help us make a purchase decision ahead of any booking. Video content can also be used within newsletters and via a PR consultant for competition coverage promoting the hotel in online publications and on television shows.

Guest Edited Brochure

An expert outside of the hotel has seen it all before and now endorses your own hotel and surrounding area having experienced it. A hotel can invite a well-known travel personality who can guest edit the hotel brochure to showcase it in a favourable light highlighting why it is special and what else to do in the area that they have also done. This brochure can be both in print and online and promoted by all involved.


Easy to make recipes from either the head chef, pastry chef or mixologist / bar team can be a great way to excite people to both try a simpler version at home and later, book to experience the recipes at the hotel. These can be monthly or seasonal and should be supported by photographs and uploaded to the hotel’s site and supported across social media. For added appeal hotels can film these and upload them to a dedicated youtube channel.

Guest Speaker Events

Research authors who have books coming out and approach their publishers to offer a space for an event with a reading and Q&A over either a lunch, afternoon tea or drinks reception and sell the book after over a signing with the author. Guests and non-residents will be drawn to the hotel to meet the author and enjoy a unique event while the hotel can also ask the author to further promote the event via their social media accounts.

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